Teams that
think together
“happen” together.

In the words of a great “where tomorrow meets the road” guide, philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein: “You must change the way you live and, once your life does fit into the mold, what is problematic will disappear.”

Exactly! That's our audacious promise with 59 Minute TeamBuilding. Go down this road with your team . . . with any team . . . and the team takes steps on its own to move on to a higher level of performance and satisfaction. Actions that used to be elusive, hard to imagine, seemingly out of reach are suddenly approachable. That's because what was problematic is no longer thwarting progress toward the team's goals. The team is transforming itself!

Even if you are not a professional trainer or coach, be assured that you can lead 59 Minute TeamBuilding sessions with confidence and authority. With our 125-page 59 Minute TeamBuilding facilitator's “syllabus, ”you can do it “by the book” or you can add your own touches at any time. 

We're so confident of this that here is our offer: We'll give you our 125-page 59 Minute TeamBuilding facilitator's “syllabus” absolutely free! It comes to you without charge the moment you purchase a minimum of five BrainMaps®, the Brain Technologies assessment tool you will need to guide your team members through the first four weekly sessions of 59 Minute TeamBuilding.

During your 16-week 59 Minute TeamBuilding training event, each four-week session is built around one of BTC's highly informative, proven thinking skills assessments. Your cost equates to less about 40 cents per day per person. (You'd pay more to treat each team member once a week to a burger and small drink at the nearest fast-food drive-through!!!)

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Ready to ignite self-transforming “happenability” on your team? Tell us now how many BrainMaps you need to get 59 Minute TeamBuilding underway at your organization!

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