Coaching the team brain
to a higher plane
in only 59 minutes
(a week)!

3 costly mistakes by today’s businesses and organizations:

assuming good teams just happen
not helping their people grow
not looking for affordable training solutions

Where to go for
innovative answers:

What “59 Minute TeamBuilding” is:

1 hour (less 1 minute) per week
of uniquely orchestrated growth training
that is easy for you to facilitate

Built on 4 proven BTC “brain change”
personal assessments*

Highly participative, using a variety of
“floor maps” that invite team members to
"come be the change you seek”

*The BrainMap®, The mCircle Instrument®,
PathPrimer® and MindMaker6®.


What “59 Minute TeamBuilding” does:

Expects every team to have makings
of greatness

Trusts people’s brains to figure it out

Leaves out the “fluff stuff”

Helps people realize how much
“the team brain” matters!

What themes does
“59 Minute TeamBuilding”

Clues to how people think

Multiple ways to win

Valuing—and evaluating—what people believe

Discovering what works, together
Fixing or abandoning what's broken
Treating “purpose” as the future breaking through
Making self-leadership a staple
Matching people and solutions

What do you need
to get started?

Just 59 contiguous minutes
per week per team


About 40 cents a day per person
(1 copy of BTC’s BrainMap
for each team member now; then
1 new BTC instrument per
participant for each additional
4-week session.)


For how long?

Designed to last 16 weeks, but can be less.

And it can continue for longer.

How long?

As long as your people keeping saying,
“Why didn’t we think of this before?”


Why these sessions are
so easy to produce:

A master facilitator designed and "scripted" them.

We've field-tested every activity and explanation.

You always know exactly what you are expected to do and say.

The sessions really are intended to last only 59 minutes each!


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"59 Minute
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I want to try "59 Minute TeamBuilding." Please send me the "59 Minute TeamBuilding" facilitation instructions and the BrainMap instruments I need for my team. (Minimum purchase of 5 BrainMaps required.)

5-12 copies $19.95 each
13-99 copies $17.95 each
100+ copies $15.95 each
plus shipping / handling

5 BrainMaps

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