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Few circumstances are more compelling than watching one of nature’s marvelous creatures “make the leap.”

Suddenly an animal’s body becomes one with the moment. Lesser tasks are put aside as every sense is appropriated. A panoply of evaluative qualities, both instinctual and learned, is instantly triggered to help the creature discern what needs to happen next.

For more than 30 years, our mission at Brain Technologies Corporation has been to create brain change models, tools and techniques that help people “make the leap.”

We want users of our products to better understand what is happening around and within themselves. Better fathom how their senses and their intellects, as well as their spirit and their belief systems, shape—and sometimes shield—what they find to be true. Better appreciate what is new and novel, and grow swifter at assigning it meaning and usefulness. In short, get better and better at “making the leap.”

We are a family-owned-and-operated company headquartered in Gainesville, Florida, with a worldwide outreach. Thanks to the Internet, our top-selling books and products are available in eight languages. Combined with quick-shipment capabilities and the nearly 1,000 individuals from 21 countries who have been through our training, we have a presence and influence that spans the globe. And we have a wide, wide variety in our clients.

Many users of our assessment-and-guidance tools are individuals. Their most obvious shared reality is that they are in serious transition—or would like to be. Often, they are in a hurry, and for that reason, they choose to use our online tools.

Because they find our products so uniquely productive, many professional thinking skills coaches around the world use Brain Technologies’ brain change instruments with their executive, personal and life-change clients.

And, change agents within companies and organizations large and small like our “make the leap” emphasis and use our tools to improve team bonding, performance, quality and morale.

In fact, you might be surprised who some of our best clients are. Waste haulers wishing to trim turnover in their driver and mechanic ranks. Rugby teams wanting coaches who can win. Organizational development experts working with staffs at the highest levels of government. Peak performance consultants to banks and economy-shocked entrepreneurs looking to start over. From France to Bangladesh, from Australia to Austria, from Switzerland to Singapore.

If you’d like to experience more of what Brain Technologies’ “make the leap” movement is all about, why not try one of our tools or read one of our books? All are featured on this website.

“Make the leap” techniques and technologies are one of our times’ greatest personal and organizational growth opportunities. We hope we’ve already said enough to tweak your interest and imagination—and motivate you to act on your leap-making instincts.

If the role of the “make the leap” competence-enhancement expert sounds like one you’d like to pursue or know more about, why don’t you get in touch? Call and talk to one of our founders. Or e-mail us and tell us how you think Brain Technologies and its “make the leap” personal and organizational growth products, models and techniques fit into your picture. Contact information is here.

We fully understand that our “take” on a topic such as brain change is subject to the same perceptual and analytical limitations that we often caution our clients to be wary of. So we bring a certain modesty to our claims and explanations. We do not allege that what we know is “the truth,” only that our methods, models and tools are proving advantageous in helping people get a better handle on what is real and productive in their changing world. That’s the essence, obviously, of  “making the leap.”