"Getting clued in means taking 
charge of what you don't know."

About yourself. About your world.
About your goals for tomorrow.

Thinking skills
and biases
Discovering what you
are alive to do
Values, beliefs
and worldviews
Playing "the game" and
responding to power
The amazing "total story"
about how you think!
A unique guide to compatibility!


For more than 30 years, our goal at Brain Technologies has never wavered. You see it stated there in our logo. You, clued in!

We've designed our self-discovery tools to make it impossible for anyone to walk away pretending that nothing's changed.

Self-knowledge is always additive. Actionable self-knowledge is always affirming. It is its own springboard. And the best available means for reaching a higher plane and triggering new effectivenesses.

Or as the iGeneration might say it . . . to be able to build an avatar of who you really are. And then watch your avatar self-direct and self-correct to shape a more fulfilling you and a better world.

It's true that each of us is a unique canvas, and we hold our own paint brushes. But we don't have to face a blank canvas.

It's possible to paint clued in. And that's a powerful—in fact, a priceless—advantage. To be able to say, "This is where it all started to be clear and come together—to make perfect sense."

If that's what you need now—to be clued in!—click on any of the covers above.