Our Reader in Jakarta Reminds Us of Michael Persinger’s Quest for “the God Spot” in the Brain

Alyson Capreol in Jakarta writes:

Per your religion discussion … have you ever read Neuropsychological Bases of God Beliefs by Michael Persinger? I read it many many years ago while at University. The author, a professor at Laurentian University in Canada, got repeated “GOD” experiences while putting an electrical impulse through the temporal lobe of subjects brains…much like the “temporal lobe transients” which he figured might be typical of many historical mystics. Interestingly enough (or not), these experiences, if I recall correctly, often coincided with the subjects’ belief systems. He referred to scientists with strong religious beliefs who dismiss everything that cannot be proven via the scientific method the “Dr. Jeckels and Mr. Hydes of academia.” Personally, my philosophy is much like yours, yet I found this book really interesting.

Alyson, I didn’t read that book but I did read about Dr. Persinger in Wired Magazine. Go here: “This Is Your Brain on God.”

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