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Forget About Six Degrees of Separation. Today Is Trending Toward No Degrees of Separation When It Comes to My Neighbors and Neighborhood Being in the News

My home diggings of North Texas aren’t exactly the center of the world (though the region is pretty central to a lot of things, including both U.S. coasts), we’re making news at the moment like we are not far removed from the center of the world. You can choose between the good, the bad and [...]

If You Really Want to Know What I Have Against “Motivational Experts,” I’m Glad You Brought the Subject Up

Four of the most egregiously unfair and misused words in this language are “You can do it.” And I’m guilty at abusing them, too.
Because in using those words to urge our children or employees or students or anyone else forward in the performance of a task they’ve not done before or at which they are [...]