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From that Other Denmark (The One in Western Australia), Leo Bakx Offers Several History Lessons and Raises a Number of Questions About My Suggestion that We Use Mouthwash (Figuratively Speaking) Before Publishing Cartoons About Mohammed

Leo Bakx from Denmark, WA, Australia writes:
Your blog post on the Denmark Cartoon Incident piqued my interest as I live in Denmark (the place in Western Australia, LOL!). Well, the whole thing with the religious aspects of the matter and the controversy between Islam and Christianity/Judaism is intriguing. And I’m very interested in [...]

Robert Theobald Rode Out of the West with Some Prescient Ideas about the Interconnectedness of Reality and People. I’m Glad He Moseyed Past My Newspaper Desk More Than Once, Mustache, Sideburns and All

Thirty years ago, fresh out of graduate school and still bent on pursuing a career as if not a great writer at least a competent journalist, I took a job on the Sunday magazine of the Arizona Republic, the major daily newspaper in the state. I did so with considerable trepidation, since the publication was [...]

If John Adams Were Around Today, I Suspect He Might Retire Early to the Farm at Quincy and Brood About What America Has Lost Along the Way

On April 27, 1777, John Adams wrote this in a letter to wife, Abigail:
“I think that models in gold, silver and copper ought to be struck in commemoration of the shocking cruelties, the brutal barbarities, and the diabolical impieties of this war; and these should be contrasted with kindness, tenderness, humanity and philanthropy which have [...]

The Muslims Can’t Help It At the Moment That They Find Such Easy Upset over Religious Matters, And I Suspect That We Are All Going to Have to Help Them Move Past This

Channel-surfing the other night while letting more vital parts of my mind recover from the cant and Kant of reading philosophy for much of the day, I happened to land in the middle of an MSNBC Investigates episode. And promptly witnessed one of the strangest scenes I’ve ever seen on video.
A guard in California’s dismal [...]

When You Get Around to Organizing the Dinner Party of the Ages, I’d Like to be Seated between Mr. Shakespeare and Mr. Jesus, If You Don’t Mind

I seek to break the news gently but if there is someone in my seminars of a somewhat fundamentalist Christian streak, it is invariably disconcerting when it gets revealed that the two brains that intrigue me most in history are those of Shakespeare and Jesus Christ, in that order.
Neither choice is by any means unique, [...]