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Our Man in Jonesboro is “Teacher of the Year” at Arkansas State University

One of our longest-running Brain Technologies associates, Dr. David W. Cox, professor of education at Arkansas State University, Jonesboro, has been recognized for being among the best at doing what universities should do best: teach the mind.
David received this year’s ASU Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching. A member of the ASU faculty since 1992, [...]

Because of the Long-Tail Influence of the Internet, We’ve Suddenly Found Ourselves at Brain Technologies Busier Than We Ever Dreamed We’d Be Running the Bookstore We’ve Always Wanted to Own

I’ve just spent a week analyzing the digital entertainment revolution for a client who is planning the launch of yet another Internet video delivery service. What I concluded about his product prospects is, of course, proprietary. But I can share some thoughts about the “Internet tv” and similar phenomena and what I suspect some of [...]

You Can Call Me a Conservative-Liberal-Socialist, In No Particular Order, And All At the Same Time, If You Wish … And Here’s Why

Thanks to invaluable assistance from “the most notable living Polish philosopher” (Wikipeida), Leszek Kołakowski, now at All Souls College, Oxford, I think I’ve figured out what my real political orientation is. I am a Conservative-Liberal-Socialist with the following views (all borrowed, most liberally and described most conservatively, in a very social sense, from Kolakowski):
A conservative [...]

Playing Deja Vu and Dat You On the Issue of Who’s Nukes Are Holier Than Who’s

Our long-time friend and colleague Paul Kordis of Fort Collins, CO, has forwarded a letter he’s just sent to Time Magazine. While I have a little different “take” on a point or two, I think he’s pointed out anew most effectively the emperior’s nakedness!
Dear Editor:
Just read the April 3rd edition of Time and was somewhat [...]