Playing Deja Vu and Dat You On the Issue of Who’s Nukes Are Holier Than Who’s

Our long-time friend and colleague Paul Kordis of Fort Collins, CO, has forwarded a letter he’s just sent to Time Magazine. While I have a little different “take” on a point or two, I think he’s pointed out anew most effectively the emperior’s nakedness!

Dear Editor:

Just read the April 3rd edition of Time and was somewhat puzzled by the alarmist and one-sided essay by Charles Krauthammer. Indeed Iran is acting recklessly and in the thrall of a leader who eats Armageddon for lunch. But are they really that different from us? Who has a president that commands thousands of nuclear weapons that can be instantly deployed, who is continuing to build nuclear weapons, and who has rejected the non-proliferation treaty? What country has a president who pats the Bible every time he is questioned about his policy for the Middle East? Which president continues to court fundamentalist Christians who rabidly uphold an apocalyptic vision for the Holy Lands? For that matter, who built the first nukes in the first place and used them for show when the major Japanese cities had already been fire-bombed to the ground—with Japan already making overtures to surrender? And, I might add, which country showed everyone else how to build a nuke? It is trite and hackneyed, but we really should be looking in the mirror as we jockey for yet another “preemptive” maneuver.

Your faithful reader,

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