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For a Seller of Books and Music Products, It Seemed Like the Mother Lode, and Still Does. But It Has Also Turned Out to Be a Remarkable Window on a Gifted and Disturbed Mind

It started as purely a business transaction—a coup, it seemed then and still does. Seventy-two moving boxes (12×13×16 inches in size), each packed like a sardine tin with books, CDs, audio tapes or photograph records. We bid $1,000 and got the lot. It took a rental trailer and a pick-up truck (and my brother-in-law’s generous [...]

Dear Amanda, Twelve Years Later I’m Wondering if You Have Gotten Any Closer to Answering Your Own Question?

In a used bookstore earlier this week, I discovered this note, written on the inside cover of a copy of Karen Armstrong’s work, A History of God, in the still-childish hand of a young woman wise beyond her years:
“Dad, which is it? is man one of God’s blunders, or is God one of man’s blunders? [...]

ADD Expert Edward Hallowell Extends His Theories and Insights from the Specific to the General—And Concludes We’re Headed Pell-Mell Towards “Some Epochal Phase Change”

My buddy Paul Kordis of Fort Collins, CO forwards this excerpt from Edward Hallowell’s new work, CrazyBusy: Overstretched, Overbooked, and About to Snap! Strategies for Coping in a World Gone ADD:
Our peculiar times seem to be leading up to some epochal phase change, comparable to what happens to physical bodies when they reach a certain [...]

John Muir Would Have Said It Differently, But I Think He’d Agree Were He Alive Today: I’d Rather Take My Cues from the Amazing Workings of DNA, the Latest Cosmological Discoveries or Insights on How the Brain Functions Than on the Most Brilliantly and Beautifully Inventive Suppositions About How to Get the Most Good from Who I Am

When I bump up against excessive ideological zeal, particular among theorists purporting to tell me how they want to change me to better fit their special vision of how the world ought to work, I once again take solace and insight from naturalist John Muir’s experience with Ralph Waldo Emerson.
In May, 1871, Emerson came west [...]

Six Years Ago I Wrote About Where Mr. Bush Clocked Out on the Timepiece of Presidential Candidates. I Continue to Think It Was a Timely Reading.

Goofing around the other day in the jazillion or so bytes of information stored on my hard drive, I came across an item I wrote as an op-end piece in the fall of 2000, during the U.S. presidential election run-up. Well, it was intended to be an op-ed piece. As it turned out, it was [...]

A Report from Dolphin-Shark-Carp Waters in Australia: What Can Happen When an Organization Takes the Model to Heart…And to Lunch on Fridays!

A reader who is on the faculty at a “regional Australia university” writes to tell us about the use of Brain Technologies’ dolphin-shark-carp model of thinking systems in leadership training and other change activities. He has asked for anonymity because things are “a little political at the moment.”
I read your blog with interest and must [...]