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Two Different “Triune” Brain Theories But the Same Crucial Conclusion: We Are Makeshift Entities Still Under Development, and That Can Creates Serious Problems for Us

I do not remember exactly the first time that I heard about pioneering neuroscientist Paul MacLean’s concept of the triune brain. The idea of a neocortex sitting atop a primordial cortex sitting atop the brain stem. The brain of a human sitting atop the brain of a horse sitting atop the brain of a [...]

As Our Understanding of Our Human Nature Changes and Our Abilities to Employ Such Understandings Grow, It Stands to Reason That Our Ethics Are Evolutionary, Too

I’m prepared to argue that ethics evolve—and are evolving. The reason, of course, is that how we think about human nature and about ethics is evolving.
I’ll admit that this notion is off-putting to more than a few philosophers, most notably those who seem to think, or so it appears to me, that philosophical and ethical [...]

If You’ve Got a Moment, I’ve Got a Vivid, Articulate Account of One Mind Seeking to Set Itself Aright to Share With You

When the theme of your lifework is “changing things by changing thinking,” you have the opportunity to take ringside seats to a lot of people’s personal odysseys. Nothing is more fascinating. When you can, and where you can, you provide an idea, a caution, a suggestion. Usually, though, they’ve already thought of it or received [...]

A Medical Expert on Healing, Meaning and Purpose Tells Us More About How Valuable Reading Plans and Celebratory Notes Can Be to Mentally Ill Persons

From Dr. Richard Petty in Atlanta:
I have enjoyed your books and blog, and was particularly heartened to read your sensitive blog item: “For a Seller of Books and Music Products, It Seemed Like the Mother Lode, and Still Does. But It Has Also Turned Out to Be a Remarkable Window on a Gifted and Disturbed [...]