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So Just How Skilled at Lying Do We Americans Want Our President to Be? Some Thoughts from the Front Lines of Falsehood.

On the one hand, scientific proof is growing that George W. Bush is a very intelligent man. The argument centers on knowledge that has become so widespread that it’s something of a worldwide joke: the president is so good at, so at home with, so nonchalant about . . . lying. And, on the other [...]

All We Need to Do to Avoid Watching the Current Madness on the Evening News Is Change the Channel to Something Inane and Fatuous. But Now’s No Time for Consoling Fictions.

Watching the evening news these days is almost more than I can stomach, maybe even bear. Probably you too. I feel diminished almost to the point of questioning my ability to stay sane and at the same time continue to stay abreast of current events as I watch footage of Lebanese ambulances strafed and set [...]

After This Harvard Psychologist Explains What We Humans Do That No Other Animal Does, He Then Explains What Our Brain’s Greatest Achievement Is. Tip: It’s Not the Great Pyramid of Giza, the International Space Station or the Golden Gate Bridge

While goofing off on the Internet—and wondering what ever happened to Sunday strolls—I chanced across one of those Puppy Dog sales come-ons for an e-book. (Puppy Dog come-ons were invented or at least popularized by car salespeople who are forever begging you to take their shiny model home and drive it for the weekend, knowing [...]

What’s a Seasoned Woman Leader Used to Being Valued and Respected to Do When Surrounded by Young Sharks? Develop the Dolphin’s Ruthless (When Necessary) Determination and See to Her Own Needs for a Change

She is soon to be 61 years old. You can just tell from her command of the facts, the language and the complexities that she’s a well-educated, highly experienced person with multiple interests and gifts. And that she has bountiful energies and is used to leading. At least, when she’s on top of her game. [...]

The Minds We Use Have Consequences in the Lives We Live. Here Are Three Telling Examples.

Here are three lives that have been in the American news recently. They are lives that, or so it seems to me, are accurate examples of the kind of lives we can expect to be produced by certain kinds of minds. The kinds of minds that at Brain Technologies Corporation we’ve styled (based substantially on [...]