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“To Be or Not To Be?” Really Isn’t the Question, and Never Has Been. So What IS the Really Important Question that the Brain Needs to be Trained to Handle Adeptly and Maturely?

The future of the human species, and the future of the many other species whose fate is tied to ours, however directly or indirectly, hinges on what the human brain can be taught to do with this question: Is there another way to explain or do this?
This has always been the question. Every advance in [...]

Maybe I Just Haven’t Watched Enough National Geographic Specials, But Notice of Some of History’s Most Influential Persons Seems to Have Passed Me By.

Buying books for our online bookstore the other day, I crossed paths with a book called The 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History. What’s not to like about such an audacious effort at picking and choosing?
The author is one Michael H. Hart, an astronomer. Obviously, Dr. Hart (Ph.D. from Princeton, Class [...]

If You Want Sage Advice on What Needs to Be Overhauled at the Highest Reaches of American Government, Here Are Two Well-Seasoned Advisers Who Seem to Have Their Fingers on the Controls of D.C.’s Acrimonious and Hideously Incompetent Cook Stove

Listen, if you will, to this wise and highly topical counsel for Americans interested in effective, responsible, long-term, and long-“visioned” governance. I quote. And quote. And quote. And quote. And quote. And quote:
• The problem of governance in the United States is mainly one of creating institutions or governing arrangements that can pursue policies of [...]

Wanna Know Which World Capital Has the Most NLP Charlatans Per Square Mile? Let’s Check In with My “Alpha Geek” Contact on River Skerne.

One of my favorite, self-admitted “Alpha Geeks” lives and works in Darlington, a small city of about 100,000 that Wikipedia describes variously as 1) in the north-east of England, 2) on the river Skerne 3) known for its association with the birth of railroads 4) home of the Darlington F.C., currently playing in Football League [...]