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Unhappily, When This Talented Academician’s Dual Worlds of Art and Science Meet in His “Brain on Music” Book, the Bridge Often Seems to Be Out

I began reading neuro-musical polymath Daniel J. Levitin’s new book, This Is Your Brain on Music: The Science of a Human Obsession, with consideration anticipation. I mean, who can deny it . . . what an extraordinary phenomenon music is!
Some years ago, while living in a suburb of Denver, I remember being so affected by [...]

A Few Good Words, If You Don’t Mind, for An Instrumental Utopianism. And Who Better to Frame the Case in the Fewest Words Possible Than the Late Ernest Becker?

If memory is right, my first exposure to the late Ernest Becker was his Pulitzer-Prize-winning (awarded posthumously, in the height of irony, two months after his own death at age 49) The Denial of Death. One phrase from that book has stayed with me because it says more about the condition of us humans than [...]