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Why Tony Robbins Never Talks about Funerals on Larry King Live and Other Dirty Tricks that Life Plays on the Happiness-Is-a-Vibration Gurus and Their Followers

Channel-flipping the other night, I mindlessly managed to let Larry King Live out of the TV genie’s bottle.
Actually, sometimes I watch his entire show. As when Bill Maher, the philosopher comedian, sheds more truth in an hour (minus commercials) than a year’s worth of Meet the Press. No such luck tonight. Tonight, I get “Chicken [...]

Let’s Just Hope That God Is Indeed (As Some Physicists Claim) Left-Handed Or We Just Might Find Our Beloved Planet Abruptly Reversing Its Spin!

Maybe I’m the last of the brain geeks to hear of this demonstration of a brain unto its own self, but it’s indeed a new trick to me. One of our intrepid readers in Iowa writes:
“1. While sitting at your desk, lift your right foot off the floor and make clockwise circles with it.
“2. Now, [...]

If Your Sense of Curiosity Likes Big-Picture Inquiries and Great Mysteries That Run in Sequels, Then You Couldn’t Have Picked a Better Time (So Far) to Live

For me, one of the things that makes the estimable “times in which we live” so doggone mesmerizing is the shear scope of the questions being asked. Add to that new technologies for pursuing answers. This equates to some remarkable successes, coming one after the other, in understanding ourselves and the world around us.
Such a [...]