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The Brain’s Problem with Information Overload Is Prompting Calls for Changes in How Laws, Policies and Rules Are Written. Sometimes, All It Takes is a Nudge

In the world of ideas, there’s a battle currently underway between, No. 1, forces that believe the brain is often best left with a minimum of interference to figure out what’s in its own best interest and, No. 2, forces that believe the brain needs to experiment with better ways to intervene and shape what [...]

Winning Elections May Not Exactly Be Brain Surgery, but Progressives Are Paying a Lot of Attention to These Days to a Brain-Framing Expert

Not for nothing is it called neuro-linguistic programming (“NLP” to the cognoscenti). And while he isn’t necessarily viewed as one of NLP’s gurus, one of the leading postmodern brain-oriented linguists came to Texas the other day to remind us just how practical some of the suppositions of the brain-as-spokesperson inquiry have become.
George Lakoff has [...]