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One More Time: Another Vivid Illustration That What There Is to Is, Isn’t Exactly What We Thought It Is

What you are seeing above is one of those optical demonstrations that shows us just how shaky is our hold on reality.
The graphic was apparently created by one Akikoshi Kitaoka and posted on his Buzzhunt blog. Then Richard Wiseman posted it on his blog. Which is where Phil Plait, the Bad Astronomy blogger in Discover Magazine, [...]

There Is Absolutely No Truth to the Rumor that We Are Paying a Bonus for Tattoos Using Our New Brand Name, Brain Me Up!, and You Can Tweet It Around the World, Please

As you can see from the “tat” at left, the news about Brain Technologies Corporation’s new “Brain Me Up!” branding campaign is spreading at warp speed. Or maybe we should say is warping some brains at an untoward speed. Or maybe it is best to offer no comment at all, ever, about tattoos, including this [...]

America’s Most Successful Restaurant Entrepreneur Died the Other Day, and For Some Reason, This Set Me to Thinking about Inviting the Future into Your Life

While reading Norman Brinker’s obituary in The New York Times a day or two ago, I began to think of how important it is to find your purpose in life and then stay with it all your days and nights. Who knows why I started thinking about this at that particular moment, but I did, [...]

In Times Like These, It’s Critically Important that We Don’t Leave the Universe Empty-handed. One of Its Rules Is that Nothingness Begets Nothingness

One puzzle has confronted wise people almost from the very first philosophical discussion: Why is there something rather than nothing?
In other words, how has so much complexity managed to appear in the world? Complex things like people, for example. You’d think that with the world like it is, chaos would always triumph over order, old [...]

This Yo!Dolphin!™ Client Says She Has Hit a Brick Wall And Wants Answers That Cut to the Chase

From a Yo!Dolphin! Worldview Survey client in the U.K.: “I have trawled through some of the pages on my worldview survey and was pleased to know I am on the right track. However, I am struggling so much with my life that I desperately need more than just uplifting words. Are you in the [...]