There Is Absolutely No Truth to the Rumor that We Are Paying a Bonus for Tattoos Using Our New Brand Name, Brain Me Up!, and You Can Tweet It Around the World, Please

brain-me-up-tattoo1As you can see from the “tat” at left, the news about Brain Technologies Corporation’s new “Brain Me Up!” branding campaign is spreading at warp speed. Or maybe we should say is warping some brains at an untoward speed. Or maybe it is best to offer no comment at all, ever, about tattoos, including this Brain Me Up! one. This is because tattoos so often decorate individuals who look like they were born to take even the most casual comments about their person and their appearance in a most personal way. But if you do get the urge to add a “Brain Me Up!” tat, may we ask that you have your favorite body artist expand it into our complete website address: (We think it would look great in an arc across the upper back mid-section of your shaved skull, roughly centered over the location of your parietal lobes, both left and right.)

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