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If You Think Being R. Buckminster Fuller Was a Challenge, Try Being His Ghost: A Report on Summer Doings and Travels of Bucky’s Legacy

A few weeks ago, I occasioned to wonder what the ghost of Richard Buckminster Fuller is doing these days. I am now ready to report.
For my younger readers, I may need to explain exactly who Bucky Fuller was. I wish I could. I’ve never really understood exactly who—or what—he was. If you believe in reincarnation, [...]

I Can Only Paraphrase Comedian Steve Martin After Revisiting My Reaction to a Poor Woman’s Story About How She Lacked the Funds to Both De-worm Her Children and Buy Them Food

I once received a personal reply to an e-mail I had sent to Nicholas Kristof, which is kind of amazing, since on most days Mr. Kristof, an Op-Ed columnist for The New York Times, probably gets more e-mails in an hour than I receive in a month.
This past week, Kristof, one of the world’s more [...]

Look, Anybody Who Thinks They Have Gov. Palin’s Next Move Figured Out Is Fooling Themselves. And Anyone Who Thinks She’s Down and Out Politically Better Watch Their Behind

What in the world was she thinking?
You know exactly whom I’m talking about. And you, surely, share my sense that Sarah Louise really wasn’t really thinking yesterday when she gave her “why I’m resigning” speech to the geese and others in Alaska. At least, she wasn’t thinking as we typically define the word. “Thinking” in [...]

My Doctor Thought He Heard a Zebra In the Hoof Beats, And He Was Right. He’s Also Helped Me to Understand that All of Us Must Start Diagnosing Our Doctors’ Thinking Skills Even As They Are Diagnosing Our Ailments

The other day, a new doctor in my life—an otolaryngologist and a ENT man—told me, “You are the zebra.” He was defending the decision of my regular physician, a G.P., who had sent me to see the specialist.
I knew what he meant. You’ve probably heard this saying, too: “When you hear hoof beats, don’t think [...]