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Maybe Science Fiction Is Dying, But If So, The ER Is As Crowded and Raucous As That Cantina In Star Wars

I’ve had a lifelong patchiness in my relationship to science fiction. In the up part of the cycle, I devour it and read—or watch—little else. Once I discovered Frank Herbert’s Dune saga novels, with their giant, spice-protecting sandworms in the deserts of Arrakis and all else, I had to read them all, and did so [...]

The Excitement (and Often the Claims) about the New “Brain Stuff” Is Still Running Ahead of Its Utility

You don’t have to spend much time googling or digging—or doing that old-fashioned thing: reading a book—these days to realize that the brain is often up to its usual tricks when the subject is neuroscientific research.
That is, the brain is simply going about its business. Sometimes, it lights up like a Christmas tree on the [...]

Is Twitter An Acquired Taste That Needs a Gourmet Chef’s Touch to be Really Effective?

About Twitter: some can and some can’t. Those who can, in some fashion or another, have been doing it all along, because, at its most basic, tweeting is gossiping. Those who can’t do it well simply won’t, at least for long. According to the Nielson Company, that includes about 60 percent of those who at [...]