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Once Upon a Time (About 15 Months Ago), Two Observers of the American Scene Looked Upon a Great Nation and Feared the Worst. We Still Do.

In the early fall of 2008, my colleague, Dr. Paul Kordis, and I promoted a new book idea to some of Madison Avenue’s top literary agents. Soon, we were being greeted every few days by a sound familiar to writers: a Bronx cheer.
In the book business, that translates to “Get lost, dullard!”
Reading our rejection [...]

All of Us Are Like This 7-Year-Old Who Doesn’t Like His Story-Making to Be Interrupted

Friends of ours told us the other night about their grandson, now 7, who lives just down the street from them. That means he spends a lot of nights at their place, school nights included. And that means either his grandmother or his granddad (but usually his grandmother) is freighted with the task of rousting [...]