Not for nothing have I defined “the LEAP!” as finding and mobilizing the next right, smart, good thing or move.

Actually, I’ve done more than just define “the LEAP!” As anyone who has looked around this website knows, I’ve spent a goodly amount of time lately writing a book about the idea.

I did so after concluding that the most agonizing and perplexing life-strategy issue of our day for capable, educated, promising minds is not the same one that I focused on twenty years ago in creating Strategy of the Dolphin. Then, co-author Paul Kordis and I encouraged our readers to search for elegance—for that extra-special something—again and again in their lives. To hold out for the breakthrough solution, to go for the optimal outcome, whatever the costs and whatever the time it took.

But now is now.

Faster than I could have imagined (although in SOD and in a subsequent work, Code of the Monarch, Paul and I did a pretty passable job of suggesting how things were about to change), the world was flooded with “elegant” outcomes. What else do you call smartphones and tablet computers, GPS systems and Internet search engines, millions of mind-extending electronic apps and myriads of mind-blowing new scientific discoveries?

Almost overnight, we became choice-rich and option-giddy, multitaskers in all things and masters of virtually none. It’s the kind of thing that Priya Parker, in her trail-blazing studies of the Millennial generation, refers to as the FOMO (“fear of missing out”) or the FOBO (“fear of better options”) problem.

Many of the most talented new minds of our demanding new century are so anxious about choosing the “wrong” option and missing out on the optimal (most “elegant”!) opportunity that they have come to be defined by their extreme caution or outright inertia. They aren’t risking much. They aren’t leading. They aren’t thinking boldly or even proactively. They aren’t even considering how they might contribute to the big needs and questions of our time, or even the small ones. They are truly afraid of—yes—making the LEAP!

So that’s why I wrote this book. And it’s not just the Millennial generation that I’m hoping it will speak strongly to. Whatever a person’s age (and generation), the chatter and the clutter of our 24/7, instant answer, hide-yourself-in-the-social-network-masses, do-it-virtually, click-here-and-go-there-at-the-speed-of-light new world has left all of us less sure of how to make our way.

Yet our brain researchers keep telling us that the grey goo of our three-pound brain is simply unmatched by anything else in our known universe. And what this unmatchable marvel does best is figure things out. We just have to give it what needs.

Right now, my assessment is that what the brains of all our generations need most is information about how to discover who you are and the good that you can do by putting your brain/mind in play and watching how it uses “the Powers of the LEAP!

The Power of Next means sensing what needs to happen now—what priorities can’t wait, what important signals are being given off by what’s hidden, what’s clicking and fomenting in the moment.

The Power of Right means quickly inventorying the “must haves” and the “must nots.” Staying alert and staying sensitive to what’s possible, what makes sense, what’s real!

The Power of Smart means getting past the hang-ups and screw-ups, that is, abandoning what’s dumb and embracing what’s smart so you don’t end up back where you started.

The Power of Good means steering toward actions that can produce a net gain for all participants and that play into the “virtuous instincts” we all share.

The Power of the Move or Thing means no kicking the can down the road by acknowledging that there’s a needful world to be attended to immediately with concrete actions and workable outcomes.

To say it again, not for nothing have I defined “the LEAP!” as finding and mobilizing the next right, smart, good thing or move.

I did so because I’m absolutely convinced of this: if you’ll give your brain the information in LEAP! How to Think Like a Dolphin & Do the Next Right, Smart Thing Come Hell or High Water, whatever the need, the assignment or the challenge, your brain will figure it out.

(Maybe even elegantly!)

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