South Carolina’s Joy Gaylor’s latest passion is helping women corporate executives transition to new careers as entrepreneurs. "Making the leap" is one of her favorite admonitory images. She used it again just the other day, reminding her blog readers "how crucial it is to make the leap even when all the pieces aren’t there, when everything around you is screaming, 'No! Wait. Not now! Do this first!' That’s precisely when you need to leap!" Her suggestion is to make a leap inventory. Look for places in your business where a leap would be helpful. "You know: the one you’ve been thinking about; the one that nags at you; that leap that you know if you took, would help you realize your dreams for your life and your business?" Gaylor’s comments are here. After decades of employment in academia—as an education professor helping to introduce modern technology and teaching methods to university curriculums—she has switched to executive coaching. She’s also trained as a classical singer and has performed with the Greenville Symphony Orchestra, the Spartanburg Repertory Company, the Spartanburg Philharmonic and other regional ensembles. Has a master’s in music to go with her master’s in education, no less. You’ll find no grass growing under the feet of this exemplary LEAP!er!

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