Meeting people who want to make the leap is a passion of one of Judaism’s most charismatic rabbis, the irrepressible Issamar Ginzberg. Rabbi Ginzberg thinks meeting such people should be your passion, too. Not long ago, he pointedly took the 400 wealthiest individuals in the United States to task because only 44 of them had a LinkedIn profile. And of those who did—like NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg—fewer that 10 percent had enabled settings that would allow someone to reach them. “Accessibility is key,” says the good rabbi, who was one of Inc. Magazine’s Entrepreneurs of the Year in 2005. “You can reach out and talk to G-d anytime. And you know He’s busy.” Reaching out—or more correctly, reaching up—was a theme that Ginzberg returned to repeatedly in his weekly Jerusalem Post column the other day. He wrote: “Do you want to get ahead? To rise? To succeed? To get to the next level? Of course you do! I’m telling you that all you have to do is upgrade the people you deal with to a more qualified group and you will. Do this by meeting and networking with people who are serious about their business. . . . When you associate and network with people who are on the level you aspire to you begin to evolve. You grow. You begin to see that next level as it approaches! Are you going to an industry networking event? If you’re not, you should be.” When he’s not providing services through his Monetized Intellect Consulting firm in New York, Ginzberg’s doing it in Jerusalem or somewhere else. Ever the opportunist, he’s also working on a book called Business Secrets of the Wailing Wall. You don’t even have to meet him to remember him. Just take a look at his head shot on Wikipedia and tell me you are ever going to forget what one of the most unique countenances in the business consulting community looks like!

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