Our first Brain Technologies associate in Denmark (and in Scandinavia, for that matter) is traveling a fast track. Claudia Lindby is already generating media coverage in Copenhagen while she rushes to complete the website for her new consultancy, Claudia Lindby: engage for transformation.



In the past couple of days, two items about her new business and her affiliation with Brain Technologies have appeared in the Danish media. One mention was in the “names” section of Denmark’s most important business paper, Børsen. I can’t give you a link to it because you need to be a subscriber to access it. But here, Claudia says, is how it read in English:

Claudia Lindby is the first Associate in Scandinavia for Brain Technologies Corporation (BTC), headquartered in Florida and founded by Dudley Lynch, author of three bestselling books. For more than 30 years, BTC’s mission has been to create brain change models, tools and techniques that help people “make the leap.” Claudia Lindby has worked with business and people development for 20 years in Danish and international companies, hereof 17 years in executive and leadership positions. She has built her expertise within change leadership in international and complex matrix organizations as well as in small organizations, and as an independent consultant and advisor.

And then a day later, a similar mention appeared in an online magazine, Kommunications Forum, Here’s the item in Danish:

Claudia Lindby bliver den første partner i Norden for Brain Technologies Corporation (BTC), der har hjemsted i Florida og er stiftet af Dudley Lynch, der har skrevet 3 bestseller-bøger. I mere end 30 år har BTCs mission været at skabe “brain change” modeller, værktøjer og teknikker, som hjælper mennesker til at tage det “næste spring”. Claudia Lindby har i 20 år arbejdet med forretnings- og medarbejderudvikling i danske, udenlandske og internationale virksomheder, de seneste 17 år på direktør- og lederposter. Hun har bygget sin ekspertise indenfor forandringsledelse i internationale og komplekse matrixorganisationer såvel som i små organisationer, og som selvstændig konsulent og rådgiver.

Claudia tells us that she’s already received about a dozen phone inquiries about the BTC assessment tools and her consultancy services as a result of the publicity.

You can get a sense of what a veteran of the Danish corporate business scene she is by taking a look at her C.V. You can email her at cl@claudialindby.com

But you don’t have to wait another moment for a better understanding of why Claudia feels that it is useful to have the BTC tools and models available for her Danish clients and be in partnership with the Dolphin thinking skills and brain-change brands that we have been developing and promoting for nearly the past four decades. We asked her to share her thinking about how and why she brought her new consulting company to our doorstep. Here are some of her replies:

What attracted you to the Brain Technologies’ concepts, approach and tools?

Back in 2006, I left the “classic corporate world” primarily because of a feeling there had to be more to it than working with business development in that rational, rather mechanical way. Even as we decided to include behavior in our KPI’s—leadership behavior—I felt we were missing out on something of critical importance: the human being “at work.”

As an independent advisor, I have since then explored the concepts of behavior and culture in organizations, looking at how we can become better at finding solutions to change that will actually work. Lasting, meaningful change is virtually impossible without the full picture. [NOTE: Speaking of pictures, that's Claudia's new website logo below.]

This is where your work at Brain Technologies comes in. One of the most significant contributions to my own work and development has been the understanding that behavior is just the tip of the iceberg, the visible part of what it means to be human: what ultimately manifests as behavior in the organization is a result of thoughts, feelings, ideas, values, beliefs. . . . Gaining insight into this inner ecology (or, collectively, culture) and becoming able to work constructively with it as a natural part of our change and development efforts is key to create lasting, meaningful change; and BTC’s tools and methods help us do precisely that.

What else do you expect the BTC methods for helping people develop powerful new living, thinking and business skills to bring to Denmark?

Neither our leaders nor we are fully aware of what we are really capable of—a price we pay for fitting in in this very collective culture of ours. They are looking for more freedom to do the right things, things that will actually work—to achieve better outcomes.



Well-known and rooted systems obviously no longer work well enough, and new solutions are increasingly being asked for at all levels of society. Public and private institutions have become too complex, too heavy, too impersonal, and increasingly no longer offer the solutions we need. Everywhere we are looking for better ways to integrate people, technology and organizations, for better alignment, for greater functionality enabling us to do more with less.

Certainly, Scandinavian organizations are not inhumane, but we still do not embrace a full understanding of human beings “at work.” But I believe we are indeed ready to integrate a broader understanding of what works, what it takes to move forward. BTC’s approach and tools can help us become more comfortable with and better at dealing with change, even thriving with it, taking advantage of the formidable energy related to change to create better futures—on a collective organizational level and an individual level.

How do you plan to differentiate “Claudia Lindby: engage for transformation” using the BTC tools and methods? And what will your primary selling points be?

Understanding that we cannot separate business and people but have to include both in change initiatives is a differentiating factor in my work. I will help my client/leaders develop new and better strategies for achieving change goals—for both themselves and their organizations. In a way, I can help them design problems out of existence, always working from the desired future back to the present.

My position in the Danish market is based on my ability to see and work with the full picture when working to get to desired outcomes: including business processes, technology, task flows, etc. as well as the human element—behavior, culture and the forces shaping them.

The BTC tools and methods will be central as I work to inspire and stimulate the full change process with leaders, from research & analysis, brainstorming, discovery, design, implementation and follow-up, and integration in daily work habits.
Well thought out and convincingly said, Claudia! Welcome aboard! And, again, congratulations on the quick startup successes!

And if any of our readers would like more information about becoming an authorized associate with Brain Technologies, we invite you to go here now and then get in touch with us if you have questions. It’s a big, big world, one getting more complicated and chaotic by the hour. We are convinced that in the hands of capable, forward-thinking “intervenionists” like Claudia Lindby, the BTC concepts and tools can provide critical guidance to people and organizations ready and willing to make a difference.

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