If you missed out on our initial roll-out and are wondering what the hubbub is about, you can find a quick fly-over introduction to our new soft-skills-building training format here and here.

What has really been rewarding about our unveiling of a new “play book approach” to using dolphin thinking insights and methodologies in times of declining corporate training budgets has been the spontaneous upwelling of approval and enthusiasm the idea and our approach have generated. It turns out some of the friends of “59 Minute TeamBuilding” are new to the scene; others go way back. Some we’d lost touch with. And with a good many, we were never in touch to begin with personally, at least not until now.

To those below and the others who have volunteered their thoughts, please know that you have our profound gratitude for getting in touch for the first time and/or staying in touch:

Giuseppe Platania photo

DR. GIUSEPPE PLATANIA, creator of the Ideodinamica brief-therapy method and professional life coach, Turin, Italy, www.ideodinamica.it

Today I finished reading your awesome book. I want to express my sincere admiration for the importance, completeness and usefulness of this work. The learning process is designed with extreme care and attention in order to protect the investment of money and time spent by the participants. It has absolutely practical applicability, distinguished from too many theoretical courses that plague the world!

GARRY ADLER, Owner, TEBU TeamBuilding, Sydney, Australia, www.teambuildingactivities.com.au

I think Strategy of the Dolphin was one of the first books I bought and it sits on my bookshelf. I still pick it up the book and read it from time to time and enjoy the read. It has stood the test of time!

ShawnBrophy lecturingDR. SEAN BROPHY, Organizational Behavior Consultant and Life Coach, Dublin, Ireland, www.seanbrophy.ie

Congratulations on your scholarship and the enterprise revealed in your innovative approach to team building. I’m enthused to find so many useful slants on the various instruments, especially on PathPrimer. Aside from team building, your guide is excellent as an adjunct to a coaching engagement. I wish you continued success with all your endeavours, you mighty man!

David Patient photoDAVID PATIENT, Owner, Empowerment Concepts, Nelspruit, Mpumalanga, South Africa, www.empow.co.za

We have used Strategy of the Dolphin for years. It is a brilliant tool. In a South African context, it is even more relevant today than it was 20 years ago.

RUTH LOGIE, Enterprise Architect at Standard Bank of South Africa, Johannesburg

I’d first like to tell you that Strategy of the Dolphin was a mind-opening book for me, and I thank you for that. There is an enormous amount of work that has gone into this [new] concept.

Adam Lindemann photoADAM LINDEMANN, Managing Partner, Mind Fund Ltd. Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist, Hong Kong

I first read Strategy of the Dolphin as a young man of around 20 years old. It was funny the other day, an entrepreneur said to me that he was initially not sure whether I was “New Age” and then he realized I was too practical to be so, but that he realized that I was not a selfish or a predatory shark. I explained confidently that I was a Dolphin and showed him the toy Dolphin in my office. For now, I would just like to say thank you from both sides of my Dolphin mind and heart for helping me to demonstrate that a Dolphin can not only succeed in the world, but that indeed the future of civilisation depends on us succeeding.

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