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BTC Asian Associate Adam Lindemann Introduces Dolphin Strategy to Hong Kong High-Tech Audience Friday

Adam Lindemann, BTC’s newest Associate, will be introducing a Hong Kong audience to Dolphin Strategy principles and techniques useful to the entrepreneur as the headliner for this coming Friday’s monthly “Smart Talk” at Cyperport, the Hong Kong-government-backed technology venture digital center. You can see the promo for the event below.
Adam first read Strategy of the [...]

One ANALYST’S THOUGHTS ON how it all went wrong in America: Plus some thoughts on how you can help launch “THE WAVE OF THE DOLPHIN”

So how did America manage to get it so right? And why has it gone so wrong?
We ordinary Americans now stand red, white and screwed for this reason: because of a powerful, winner-take-all, all-controlling elite centered in this unholy trinity: big government, big business and big religion.
The fingerprints of this hyper-powerful, hyper-wealthy aggregation of “elite [...]

The central question for the dolphin thinker: “How do I take what I know and show it a wider, more applicable, more pragmatic context?”

Suddenly, there are no more guarantees—and no more hidey holes. No one is vouchsafed a free ride in today’s juggernaut of change. Who really knows whether they’ll still have a job come Monday morning? Those skills you’ve spent a lifetime polishing—will they be nearly enough? Health care? Gasoline? A decent vacation? How long can you [...]