BTC Asian Associate Adam Lindemann Introduces Dolphin Strategy to Hong Kong High-Tech Audience Friday

Adam Lindemann, BTC’s newest Associate, will be introducing a Hong Kong audience to Dolphin Strategy principles and techniques useful to the entrepreneur as the headliner for this coming Friday’s monthly “Smart Talk” at Cyperport, the Hong Kong-government-backed technology venture digital center. You can see the promo for the event below.

Adam Lindeman Smart-Talk promo
Adam first read Strategy of the Dolphin in the mid-1990s as a university student in England where he majored in law and Japanese. The principles for designing a life and business we articulated in the work found common ground with his own, and the book has retained a place of prominence on his book shelf all these years. This past summer, as the Managing Partner of MindFund Ltd., which he established in Hong Kong to invest and support startups across the Asia Pacific rim, he contacted BTC to inquire about becoming our authorized Associate for Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore. To our delight, that has come to pass. As the primary vehicle for spreading knowledge of the Dolphin Strategy models, tools and technigues, Adam has founded a company called Innovoso Ltd. Both of his companies are housed in the imaginative Cyperport development. This is the big campus created by the Hong Kong government with an eye to helping establish Hong Kong as a leading information and communication technology hub in the Asia-Pacific region.

Here is Adam’s contact information:

Innovoso Ltd.
Unit 607B, Level 6, Core B
Cyberport 3
Hong Kong

Our grateful thanks go to him for providing the dolphin strategy with such quality exposure in this important part of the business world.

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