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Our “high-concept, high-touch” friends at Groupe Metafor International are involved in an all-dolphins-on-deck promotional push that straddles the Atlantic Ocean. Here are activities that Michèle Carrier and Charles Boulos are offering for Canada, France and Mexico (they are fluent in Spanish, too):

  • A 3-day intensive public seminar, “La Stratégie du Dauphin™,” in Montreal June 8-10 and in Paris June 22-24.
  • A 5-day public seminar, “L’Élan du Dauphin ! ™”, in Côte d’Azur, in southern France, June 13-17. Our GMI colleagues say this is a “new formula being tested in a more relaxed environment” than their usual big-city Paris seminar locations.
  • Discussions are underway with long-time colleagues in Mexico to gauge their interest in co-sponsoring a 5-day in-depth public seminar, “La Estrategia del Delfin en el Caribe,” in Cancún and a 3-day seminar, “La Estrategia del Delfin,” in Mexico City. Response from former associates in both locations was immediate and favorable, they report. Hopefully, dates and details will be available soon.
  • Michèle Carrier and Charles Boulos

    Michèle Carrier and Charles Boulos

    Another major GMI outreach is underway to promote in-house seminars in the Telecom, Cloud, IT, ITT, Software and other high-tech industries by the consulting, speaking and coaching professionals who are members of the Metafor Transnational Network. All shared an interest in helping clients achieve sustained productivity and profitability using BTC’s English and French language assessment and thinking skills development tools and models.

    I know that Michèle and Charles have spent countless hours planning this ambitious outreach. They are being counseled by their own management coach to connect with prospective clients by the phone, FaceTime and Skype instead of e-mail. “We are moved by the response of our clients,” says Michèle.

    More info on their website. E-mails are and

    We sometimes say at BTC that if you don’t give the universe a reason to notice you, it usually doesn’t. No chance of that happening for Montreal’s imaginative GMIers!

    (Or As Our mCircle Tool Says, ‘Take This Dilemma and Shove It!’)

    Our guidance-for-handling-dilemmas tool, The mCircle Instrument®, has intrigued one of our newest BTC distributors. Swiss-based communication consultant and management coach Amy Carroll is preparing to introduce our dilemma-handling guidance tool, The mCircle Instrument, into her Lithuanian training events.

    Amy Carroll

    Amy Carroll

    She is promoting an open program, “High Performing Teams & Individuals,” in the Lithuania capital of Vilnius in June.
    The mCircle Instrument will also provide a major focus in November, when Amy conducts a three-day intensive course on “Executive Presence” at the Baltic Management Institute, near Vilnius. This is the fifth year she has facilitated this course.

    She explains:

    “It involves approximately 50 leaders and senior leaders from a variety of multinational companies with offices in and near Vilnius, Lithuania. They are mostly Lithuania with an occasional Belarusian or Russian student. They tend to be extremely open, eager and clever and are an absolute delight to work with.

    “The course focuses on power, status, conflict style, influence, presentation and communication challenges. I will be replacing the Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode with The mCircle to make a richer connection to the consequences of our choices and a sales pitch for the breakthrough approach to lead to more transformational communication.”

    Amy’s company, Carroll Communication Coaching Sàrl, is headquartered in Vevey, Switzerland. She specializes in leadership, communication and effectiveness training for multinational clients. Her book, The Ego Tango, illustrates “the 7 Partner mindset techniques” and uses real-life stories, to suggest how readers can get “more of what you want, more often with less hassle!”

    Her website is here. Her e-mail is

    Is it possible that the next new language for The mCircle Instrument is Lithuanian? With a go-getter like Amy on the case, we can be excused for thinking so!

    WE DON’T THINK ASSETREPORT® IS DESTINED FOR THE XBOX ONE, But Isn’t What Carlos Salum Is Doing With Our BTC Tool Interesting!

    Our intrepid distributor in Charlotte, NC, Carlos Salum, has stepped outside the box once again and put our most complex BTC assessment tool, AssetReport®, to work in an unusual way.

    He was approached for help by the parents of a 13-year-old middle schooler. The child has been taking such an unregimented approach to lesson-preparation, homework submission and other learning activities that his grades were suffering.

    Carlos Salum

    Carlos Salum

    Based on his experience teaching peak performance skills to adults, Carlos could have been expected to introduce his young charge to MindMaps and Concept Fans, as well as the “fish” structure for making Presentations (Focus, Audience, Approach, Hook, 1-2-3 points and details and Closing) and to Edward de Bono’s Six Hats concept and others that would teach him how to “chunk” information, especially in subjects he doesn’t like (social studies, for example).

    And this is what Carlos eventually did. But first, he asked me about having the youngster work through BTC’s AssetReport questionnaire. I told him taking the assessment inquiry wouldn’t be a problem for his unusual client. But he was going to need to use drawings and charts to convey a lot of the information and not the AR’s standard intrepretations, which are mostly prose.

    Carlos reports:

    “This young man is very bright, so he understood his AR position and the implications. But neither he nor his mother are ‘readers,’ so I’m using bullet points and drawing a lot these days and mapping everything in one-page mindmaps or visual summaries.

    “And the parents are the kind of bright procrastinators who explore many options, take time to learn, find pros and cons, and only then act on the material. Their son sometimes forgets to submit his homework because of his style, so I’m showing him how to use simple project management approaches. I also have to text him every week to check on his progress, otherwise he’ll stick to his routines.”

    Quite a change from the days when Carlos was contributing to the careers of world-class tennis players such as Gabriela Sabatini (U.S. Open champion, 1990) and Sergi Bruguera (French Open champion, 1993-94) as well as collaborating in the training of the Argentine and Italian Davis Cup Teams, among many others.

    But not a departure from the reminder he has at the top of his newly redesigned website: “A peak performer is a flexible, versatile, creative and situational thinker who gets results.” Email for Carlos is

    And I can’t resist adding, while again saluting Carlos’ virtuoso skills as a thinking skills coach, “Game, set, match, AssetReport!”

    CLAUDIA LINDBY IS TAKING IT ONE BRAIN AT A TIME IN DENMARK—and Here Comes Another Thirty of Those Three-Pounders to Be Mapped

    This just in from Claudia Lindby, our go-to person in Forandringsleder (that’s Danish for “Change Leadership”):

    “On 16 June, we are starting up the 3rd High Performance Leadership network in Denmark.

    “Approximately thirty leaders will attend the first meeting and, as we did the first two times we started such a network, we will start by focusing on personal leadership, mindset and using The BrainMap®. So, close to one hundred leaders have been introduced to the thinking and have done their BrainMaps over the past year or so.

    Claudia Lindby

    Claudia Lindby

    “I have also coached some of them 1:1 in understanding the BrainMap better and thinking about how to develop their position.”
    Check out Claudia’s website for an introduction to her extensive career. This is her email address: (Claudia’ C.V. is so extensive that Google refuses to translate it. Score one for Forandringsleder!)

    At Brain Technologies, we are so, so proud of our imaginative colleagues—pioneers in the new thinking skills era, one and all!

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