Is a dolphin thinking mindset ahead for community organizing circles in America?

That’s the plan! Michael Roth’s plan. This Portland, Oregon-based distributor for Brain Technologies is working diligently to take his love and appreciation for the “dolphin strategy” models, tools and techniques to the next level. When he’s done, his goal is have “a dynamic new resource for community organizing” in place to improve the success rate of people seeking to empower societal change.

Michael Roth walking across Spain last fall

Michael Roth walking across Spain last fall

In the past year, the owner of NW Resources has immersed himself in the newest BTC products, including our latest book, LEAP! How to Think Like a Dolphin & Do the Next Right, Smart Thing Come Hell or High Water, and our 59 Minute Team Building™ facilitation guide. At the same time, he was serving as administrative officer for a small foundation. This led him to reflect on (1) an increasing number of individuals wanting to be community change-makers, (2) the reality that many of their efforts and organizations are not successful and (3) his conclusion that his knowledge of the “dolphin strategy” and his experience in working with non-profit organizations (NPOs) could be combined in highly effective new ways.

Target audiences and intended content. His target audiences are these: “activists” of all ages in environmental causes, aging in place communities, neighborhood associations, P.T.A.s, church groups, emergency preparedness endeavors, service clubs, political actions, community centers, co-ops and traditional groups with declining memberships.

His intent is to offer them strategies and training in successful techniques for catalytic leadership, team building, volunteer recruitment-retention-acknowledgement, organizational development, change management, social media, creative fund raising and other essentials for generating and maintaining momentum.

Central to his plans are his website, which he is redesigning. He hopes to generate 200 subscribers within six months and at least 500 connections and downloads within a year. He plans to use it to provide such features, resources and interactive learning opportunities as these:

  • A 52-week course in community organizing built around modules that he is now writing. Participants will be asked to pay a fee of $97 for a year’s supply of once-a-week walkthroughs of activities critical for putting an enduring and productive community-based organization in place.
  • A blog, regular articles, a store with webinars and products for sale with member discounts and ways to instantly connect with affiliates with expertise in a variety of fields related to the user’s particular passion, issue and need. “Special links to one-on-one coaching, creative problem solving and leading edge innovation expertise would be a few clicks away and affordable with on-line payment or often free,” Roth explains.
  • Free quarterly webinars offering a preview and sampling of offerings, products and resources.
  • A special webinar offering based on BTC’s 59 Minute Team Building approach. “I’m thinking about two-hour once-a-month sessions for four months or similar format, one that might be flexible to participant response, and the first 100 subscribers to the community organizing modules would qualify for a discount webinar ticket,” he says.
  • 59 Minutes of Team Climbing Per Week

    59 Minutes of Team Climbing Per Week

    Michael has been heavily involved the past ten years working with municipal bond projects that have financed more than $4.7 billion in civic support and improvements. At the same time, he has been involved in producing books, grant proposals, newsletters, brochures and multimedia presentations. More lately, he has represented entertainment acts, especially musicians and magicians. In high school and college, he earned his living as a percussionist and keyboard player. Then came several years as a carpenter and builder.

    “My goal is to have the redesigned website working in early June, with the first dozen modules ready, and to produce a free webinar in mid-June to give a preview and sampling of offerings, products and resources,” he says. “I am currently in production, writing a mélange of modules, articles and tips. I’ve been highly encouraged by the positive response I’ve gotten from potential affiliates.”

    You can reach Michael at or by phone at 503-493-8316.

    (I plan to feature current or upcoming adventurous activities of other BTC distributors in upcoming editions of LEAP!psych.)

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