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How to handle the ‘Oops’ in Mr. Trump’s Triumph

I’ve received a lot of “Oops!” dispatches lately.
For a few weeks after Mr. Trump’s triumph, that’s pretty much all more than a few of my colleagues could manage to say. “Oops.”
hey were clearly not expecting this outcome in the U.S. presidential election. Once they said “Oops,” they more or less went silent. In reply, [...]

Here Is Our Predicament:
No Dolphins Are Running for President
of the United States

Leaving aside a critique of the personal morals and psychological health of a certain U.S. presidential candidate, this timely question remains: What the horsefeathers is going on in American life?
I’d suggest this: After cavorting in one of the universe’s “pastures at the end of the rainbow” for the first several years of the new millennium, [...]