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Why would the president of the University of Missouri system say the issue of racist behaviors against the system’s students was going to be taken up next April when one of his students was on a hungry strike that would kill him much earlier?
Why would the same tone-deaf administrator react lukewarmly—to put it generously—to a [...]

A Special Valentine’s Day Reprise on Sex and the Brain: We Just Never Seem to Get Enough of Talking and Doing!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. That means every blogger and her bird dog are thinking about sex. But then, who needs Valentine’s Day as an excuse to think about sex?
The brain—as every psychobabble and (as you are seeing) thinking-skills aficionado is sure to remind you eventually—is arguably our major sex organ. So it [...]

One of the World’s Smallest “Engines of Change” Is Also One of Its Most Powerful. On An Almost Unimaginable Scale, the Amygdala Rules

Over the holidays, Sherry and I traveled to Florida to visit the grandson (and his parents and our other daughter, too). Once again, I was transfixed by how magically and effortlessly the grandmother can influence the behaviors of a four-year-old often hell-bent, like most four-year-olds (not to mention Frank Sinatra, Paul Anka, Elvis Presley, Sid [...]

Two Different “Triune” Brain Theories But the Same Crucial Conclusion: We Are Makeshift Entities Still Under Development, and That Can Creates Serious Problems for Us

I do not remember exactly the first time that I heard about pioneering neuroscientist Paul MacLean’s concept of the triune brain. The idea of a neocortex sitting atop a primordial cortex sitting atop the brain stem. The brain of a human sitting atop the brain of a horse sitting atop the brain of a [...]