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Reader in Costa Rica Urges Us to Recognize that YuGiOh, Donald Trump and Direct TV Have Far Too Much Sway in “Alpha” Land

From a reader in Costa Rica:
I just finished your book The Mother of All Minds. It is a very thought-provoking work, and has created quite a log jam in my brain. I don’t know if you have ever heard that you convinced someone to get out of a relatively profitable business, but that is exactly [...]

A Medical Expert on Healing, Meaning and Purpose Tells Us More About How Valuable Reading Plans and Celebratory Notes Can Be to Mentally Ill Persons

From Dr. Richard Petty in Atlanta:
I have enjoyed your books and blog, and was particularly heartened to read your sensitive blog item: “For a Seller of Books and Music Products, It Seemed Like the Mother Lode, and Still Does. But It Has Also Turned Out to Be a Remarkable Window on a Gifted and Disturbed [...]