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There Is No Brain on Earth Quite Like the Chinese Brain, And Given the Coming Importance of That Brain, We Need to Understand Everything We Can About It

I have come not to bury the Chinese brain but to praise it. And to warn neuroscientists, particularly in the West, that they need to devote substantial resources to studying it, and do so urgently. There are bigger issues afoot than simply what we can learn by turning our fMRI beams on the brain tissue [...]

I Just Hope I Haven’t Won the Lottery in Beijing Or Been Named a Beneficiary of a Long Lost Irish Ancestor Who Struck It Rich in Shanghai

I am now getting spam in Chinese. At least, I believe it to be Chinese. Here is the subject line from the latest e-mail: 最大的2006年全球建材展.
Now, if that turns out to be scatalogic or instructions on how to do something illegal, please don’t notify Dr. Dobson or the FBI. To my eternal regret, I don’t read [...]