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We Don’t Yet Have the Kind of Brain that Can Take the Idea of Colonizing Space Seriously. But Stephen Hawking Seems to Be Saying that We Need to Get One

I think I can understand why Stephen Hawking would be perfervidly attracted to the idea of space travel. He’s scheduled to get a smidgen of what it could be like on April 26. Zero Gravity Corporation is giving him a gratis ride above Cape Canaveral on its “vomit comet.” This is a Boeing 727-200 that [...]

Does the Mind Evolve? We Argue It Does but Admit that More Than 2,000 Years After the Roman Gladiators, It Is Still More Likely to Beat Itself Up Than Lift Itself Up

A reader in the U.K. writes:
Dudley, I read The Mother of All Minds over the past week or so. Obviously it struck many chords with me. I share many of your observations and perhaps have experienced some similar experiences. I am not so sure about the evolutionary aspect of Mind, however. I often feel [...]

The Minds We Use Have Consequences in the Lives We Live. Here Are Three Telling Examples.

Here are three lives that have been in the American news recently. They are lives that, or so it seems to me, are accurate examples of the kind of lives we can expect to be produced by certain kinds of minds. The kinds of minds that at Brain Technologies Corporation we’ve styled (based substantially on [...]

If You’ve Got a Moment, I’ve Got a Vivid, Articulate Account of One Mind Seeking to Set Itself Aright to Share With You

When the theme of your lifework is “changing things by changing thinking,” you have the opportunity to take ringside seats to a lot of people’s personal odysseys. Nothing is more fascinating. When you can, and where you can, you provide an idea, a caution, a suggestion. Usually, though, they’ve already thought of it or received [...]

Yes, I’m Convinced That We Are Progressively “Evolving” How We Wire and Use the Wiring in Our Brains, But We Still Don’t Any Means to Stand Back and Take a Good Look at How It All Works.

A visitor to the Brain Technologies office the other day requested a deeper understanding of the model of human thinking levels I explore in, among a number of places, my latest book, The Mother of All Minds.
For an author, what’s not to like about such a request?
So I sat my guest down in front of [...]

Robert Theobald Rode Out of the West with Some Prescient Ideas about the Interconnectedness of Reality and People. I’m Glad He Moseyed Past My Newspaper Desk More Than Once, Mustache, Sideburns and All

Thirty years ago, fresh out of graduate school and still bent on pursuing a career as if not a great writer at least a competent journalist, I took a job on the Sunday magazine of the Arizona Republic, the major daily newspaper in the state. I did so with considerable trepidation, since the publication was [...]

Here’s a Book that Supports “The Best Guess I’ve Ever Had”: That No One Really Has Much of a Clue About What’s Supposed to Be Happening Here; That Everyone Is Guessing

Anyone—and it might be anytwo, or at best anyfive or anysix—who has been paying attention to the progressive content of my thinking through the years understands that I’ve been on some sort of journey.
It is my belief that it is not all that remote from a journey that most all who have ever lived participate [...]

Reaffirmed at the Texas State Fair: At Every Pause Along the Road Most Traveled, the Human Spirit Can Summon the Creative Spark

Sherry and I took our young grandson to the State Fair of Texas this weekend. The fair is a 277-acre behemoth of statefairism that not only boasts Big Tex, the three-ton, 52-foot-tall talking iconic statue, but the largest collection of art deco exposition buildings in the United States.
If you are into the (Clare W.) Gravesian [...]