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What the Brain Does With the Waves It Makes May Be the Most Important Discovery (So Far) in All of Brain Science. A New Book Explains Why

For the non-scientist reader (present company included), a really good science book is almost never about science as much as it is about the scientist. Science today—most any science—has become so complex, difficult and specialized (particularly in vocabulary) that even the most patient and intelligent of lay readers will usually scream “uncle” and flee after [...]

I Often Say, “Argue For Your Limits And You Get to Keep Them.” Otherwise, Simply Assume That You Are Going to Change Perhaps More Often Than You Realize

Sometimes I’m bemused at the question, sometimes a little exasperated: Can people really change?
I suspect the reason that anyone would ask the question has to more to do with the nature of consciousness than anything else. Consciousness appears to be the paragon of immediacy. “We” may have trouble staying in the here and now, but [...]