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Revisiting My “You’re Smarter Than You Think” Article nearly 40 Years Later

In 1978, Reader’s Digest commissioned me to write an article on how to improve your creativity. I’d not thought of the piece in several decades, and might not ever have done so again were it not for the Japanese educational publishing house, Obunsha. Their editors wrote earlier this week to request permission to reprint a [...]

I Couldn’t Find Much That Is New About Breakthough Thinking. (And I’m Not Sure I Want To.)

I took a look the past couple of days to see if I could find any evidence of a breakthrough in the area of breakthrough thinking, and I didn’t find one.
This isn’t to say that there aren’t some interesting things going on.
For example, the guys and gals at Idea Champions are still touting the benefits [...]

Maybe There’s Very Little New to Be Said About Creativity But If So, There’s An Awful Lot of People Saying The Same Old Thing in Imaginative Ways on the Internet

All I did was ask Google Alerts to tell me for a couple of weeks every time the words “creativity,” “creative problem-solving” and “innovation” appeared in something new on the Internet. Before long, my e-mail box runneth over.
The intent was simple. I wanted to see if there was anything new under the sun being said [...]

Reaffirmed at the Texas State Fair: At Every Pause Along the Road Most Traveled, the Human Spirit Can Summon the Creative Spark

Sherry and I took our young grandson to the State Fair of Texas this weekend. The fair is a 277-acre behemoth of statefairism that not only boasts Big Tex, the three-ton, 52-foot-tall talking iconic statue, but the largest collection of art deco exposition buildings in the United States.
If you are into the (Clare W.) Gravesian [...]