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Youse pays your money and youse makes your choices when it comes to The Ghost In the Machine

It’s time, I think, for us to revisit the idea of The Ghost in the Machine. To get a firsthand sense of what this widespread dogma that colors so many of our assumptions about ourselves, our perceptions and our decision-making is about, you and I must visit the Great Swami, renowned reader of minds. First [...]

If this isn’t one of Mr. Berra’s yogi-isms, it should be: The whole idea of evolving is to get somewhere. And that, in fact, is the best justification I can think of for making the LEAP! Philosopher Daniel C. Dennett seemed to embrace the idea in the closing sentences [...]

The Buck Stops with You and Me on the Issue of Breaking the Cycles and the Spells That Cauterize Our Brain’s Ability to Provide Sane, Safe, Suitable Actions and Answers

Listening to myself—talking with my children about (grand)children or the neighbors about the (neighbor)hood or my friends about (geo)politics or my colleagues about where “descent with modification” (Darwin’s definition of evolution) has brought us—I hear myself opining more and more these days:
We need to break the cycle. Or,
We need to break the spell.
I usually use [...]

If Your Sense of Curiosity Likes Big-Picture Inquiries and Great Mysteries That Run in Sequels, Then You Couldn’t Have Picked a Better Time (So Far) to Live

For me, one of the things that makes the estimable “times in which we live” so doggone mesmerizing is the shear scope of the questions being asked. Add to that new technologies for pursuing answers. This equates to some remarkable successes, coming one after the other, in understanding ourselves and the world around us.
Such a [...]

As Our Understanding of Our Human Nature Changes and Our Abilities to Employ Such Understandings Grow, It Stands to Reason That Our Ethics Are Evolutionary, Too

I’m prepared to argue that ethics evolve—and are evolving. The reason, of course, is that how we think about human nature and about ethics is evolving.
I’ll admit that this notion is off-putting to more than a few philosophers, most notably those who seem to think, or so it appears to me, that philosophical and ethical [...]