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Our Man in Jonesboro is “Teacher of the Year” at Arkansas State University

One of our longest-running Brain Technologies associates, Dr. David W. Cox, professor of education at Arkansas State University, Jonesboro, has been recognized for being among the best at doing what universities should do best: teach the mind.
David received this year’s ASU Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching. A member of the ASU faculty since 1992, [...]

The World Now Has Nine Billion and Two Blogs. That’s Because Dilbert Has Started One. And, Of Course, There’s Mine. And Dr. David Cox Is Making Noises Like Maybe He’s Testing the Waters.

Dr. David Cox at Arkansas State University, a long-time and valued friend, has always been good for my ego. That’s because he doesn’t put up with it much.
And he’s back. He writes, “Soon after you announced your blog, the attached came in my Dilbert Newsletter.”
The attachment he sent read:
“When I see news stories about people [...]