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America’s Most Successful Restaurant Entrepreneur Died the Other Day, and For Some Reason, This Set Me to Thinking about Inviting the Future into Your Life

While reading Norman Brinker’s obituary in The New York Times a day or two ago, I began to think of how important it is to find your purpose in life and then stay with it all your days and nights. Who knows why I started thinking about this at that particular moment, but I did, [...]

The New Sign on the Door of a Restaurant I Frequent Says “Dinner Is No Longer Served.” And Therein Lies a Story About the Importance of Niches.

As much as I’ve seen the principle demonstrated, it never ceases to make my brows go up when I encounter another example of just how nitche-specific the Universe is.
My co-author, David Neenan, and I discussed the importance of nitches in Evergreen: Playing a Continuous Comeback Business Game. We introduced the idea this way:
“When we talk [...]