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Maybe Science Fiction Is Dying, But If So, The ER Is As Crowded and Raucous As That Cantina In Star Wars

I’ve had a lifelong patchiness in my relationship to science fiction. In the up part of the cycle, I devour it and read—or watch—little else. Once I discovered Frank Herbert’s Dune saga novels, with their giant, spice-protecting sandworms in the deserts of Arrakis and all else, I had to read them all, and did so [...]

Will All Mentats Please Call the Office? There’s a Lengthy List of Pressing Assignments That Need to Be Tackled Now.

Remember the mentats in Frank Herbert incomparable Dune books?
A mentat was a citizen especially trained to think. And think, as the late John Wayne might have drawled, “Damn well!” If Herbert’s mentats understood anything, they understood that thinking is the art and science of understanding what leads to consequences and how to produce—or avoid—them. Mentats [...]