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Look, Anybody Who Thinks They Have Gov. Palin’s Next Move Figured Out Is Fooling Themselves. And Anyone Who Thinks She’s Down and Out Politically Better Watch Their Behind

What in the world was she thinking?
You know exactly whom I’m talking about. And you, surely, share my sense that Sarah Louise really wasn’t really thinking yesterday when she gave her “why I’m resigning” speech to the geese and others in Alaska. At least, she wasn’t thinking as we typically define the word. “Thinking” in [...]

It’s Not Just the President’s Psychology that Should Give Us Pause, It’s the Whole Bias of Human Psychology toward Believing that We Are “The Decider”

“Bush Derangement Syndrome” (BDS) is the derisive way that Washington Post’s op-ed columnist Charles Krauthammer refers to psychologically oriented analyses of George W. Bush’s brand of presidential decision-making. (The Bush family itself styles such analysis as “psychobabble.”)
While it’s no secret that I generally find this President’s mental performance ranking somewhere between the ludicrous and the [...]

So Just How Skilled at Lying Do We Americans Want Our President to Be? Some Thoughts from the Front Lines of Falsehood.

On the one hand, scientific proof is growing that George W. Bush is a very intelligent man. The argument centers on knowledge that has become so widespread that it’s something of a worldwide joke: the president is so good at, so at home with, so nonchalant about . . . lying. And, on the other [...]

Six Years Ago I Wrote About Where Mr. Bush Clocked Out on the Timepiece of Presidential Candidates. I Continue to Think It Was a Timely Reading.

Goofing around the other day in the jazillion or so bytes of information stored on my hard drive, I came across an item I wrote as an op-end piece in the fall of 2000, during the U.S. presidential election run-up. Well, it was intended to be an op-ed piece. As it turned out, it was [...]

Riddle: When Is a Lawyer Not “Thinking Like a Lawyer”? Answer: When He Hits His Thumb with a Hammer While He’s Watching Himself in a Mirror

Lawyers I avoid like the plague, unless, of course, I have to have one, and then, of course, I want a very good one.
That’s because in the domains of the Alpha worldviews, which includes most of the world’s population, lawyers are a world (and a law) unto themselves. Everyone else—plaintiff or defender, victim or accused—is [...]

Can This President, His Party and His Policies Really Be As Phantasmagoric As They Seem to Be? Yup, ‘Fraid So.

Two days after George Bush’s re-election, Britain’s Daily Mirror ran this headline, “How can 59,054,087 people be so DUMB?”
The answer is as simple as the solution to the circumstances it creates is nettlesome. And it is this: in this complex and confusing world, many Americans simply lack sufficient rational thinking skills to consistently make quality [...]