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With So Many Unhappy People Around, It’s a Very Apt Time to Think Anew about What Happiness Is and How to Make it Happen. (Even Though All the “Be Happy!” Talk and Techniques Aren’t Always Enough)

In the early 1990s, we traveled around Europe together for several weeks. Mostly by train, a few times by car, as we produced business seminars. He was a brainy, ambitious, sparely worded chap. A sly sense of humor: dry, cowboy-ish. Very good English, too, polished during an extended sojourn in America—he once addressed the downtown [...]

Why Tony Robbins Never Talks about Funerals on Larry King Live and Other Dirty Tricks that Life Plays on the Happiness-Is-a-Vibration Gurus and Their Followers

Channel-flipping the other night, I mindlessly managed to let Larry King Live out of the TV genie’s bottle.
Actually, sometimes I watch his entire show. As when Bill Maher, the philosopher comedian, sheds more truth in an hour (minus commercials) than a year’s worth of Meet the Press. No such luck tonight. Tonight, I get “Chicken [...]

After This Harvard Psychologist Explains What We Humans Do That No Other Animal Does, He Then Explains What Our Brain’s Greatest Achievement Is. Tip: It’s Not the Great Pyramid of Giza, the International Space Station or the Golden Gate Bridge

While goofing off on the Internet—and wondering what ever happened to Sunday strolls—I chanced across one of those Puppy Dog sales come-ons for an e-book. (Puppy Dog come-ons were invented or at least popularized by car salespeople who are forever begging you to take their shiny model home and drive it for the weekend, knowing [...]