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From that Other Denmark (The One in Western Australia), Leo Bakx Offers Several History Lessons and Raises a Number of Questions About My Suggestion that We Use Mouthwash (Figuratively Speaking) Before Publishing Cartoons About Mohammed

Leo Bakx from Denmark, WA, Australia writes:
Your blog post on the Denmark Cartoon Incident piqued my interest as I live in Denmark (the place in Western Australia, LOL!). Well, the whole thing with the religious aspects of the matter and the controversy between Islam and Christianity/Judaism is intriguing. And I’m very interested in [...]

The Muslims Can’t Help It At the Moment That They Find Such Easy Upset over Religious Matters, And I Suspect That We Are All Going to Have to Help Them Move Past This

Channel-surfing the other night while letting more vital parts of my mind recover from the cant and Kant of reading philosophy for much of the day, I happened to land in the middle of an MSNBC Investigates episode. And promptly witnessed one of the strangest scenes I’ve ever seen on video.
A guard in California’s dismal [...]

More from Our Correspondent in the Middle East: Some NPR-Like Snippets About Bank Accounts, Apartment Hunting and Condoms in the Dust from the Front Lines of Daily Existence in the Deserts of the Gulf Region

I have a Brain Technologies associate now putting down roots in one of the more advanced of the Middle Eastern countries. From time to time, I want to share some of this person’s observations because they have a National Public Radio-like way of revealing more than the headlines often do.
The tight focus with which the [...]

“The Fairer Sex” Plus Fair Turn About Equals Far More Than Just Fair Results!!

Some learning experiences are dearer than others. And some speak in spades. I’m hard-pressed to recall an example of a breakthrough learning experience that speaks more clearly or dearly than one just reported by one of my long-time associates.
She’s currently teaching management and thinking skills in a university in a Middle Eastern country. In class [...]