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History’s Longest Running Whack-a-Mole Game (“Dualism”) Continues. As Usual, Friends of the Right Brain Are Kicking (Left Brain) Posteriors and Taking Names

The physicist-turned-healer (G*d rest his soul—he’s no longer with us) fulminated against eating too much garlic. He said gorging on “the stinking rose” is a very bad thing for the brain.
He reasoned this way:
Garlic contains a poison called sulfone hydroxyl. The sulfone hydroxyl ion, he alleged, can penetrate the brain’s blood barrier. Heavy garlic eaters, [...]

My Doctor Thought He Heard a Zebra In the Hoof Beats, And He Was Right. He’s Also Helped Me to Understand that All of Us Must Start Diagnosing Our Doctors’ Thinking Skills Even As They Are Diagnosing Our Ailments

The other day, a new doctor in my life—an otolaryngologist and a ENT man—told me, “You are the zebra.” He was defending the decision of my regular physician, a G.P., who had sent me to see the specialist.
I knew what he meant. You’ve probably heard this saying, too: “When you hear hoof beats, don’t think [...]