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The Minds We Use Have Consequences in the Lives We Live. Here Are Three Telling Examples.

Here are three lives that have been in the American news recently. They are lives that, or so it seems to me, are accurate examples of the kind of lives we can expect to be produced by certain kinds of minds. The kinds of minds that at Brain Technologies Corporation we’ve styled (based substantially on [...]

Reaffirmed at the Texas State Fair: At Every Pause Along the Road Most Traveled, the Human Spirit Can Summon the Creative Spark

Sherry and I took our young grandson to the State Fair of Texas this weekend. The fair is a 277-acre behemoth of statefairism that not only boasts Big Tex, the three-ton, 52-foot-tall talking iconic statue, but the largest collection of art deco exposition buildings in the United States.
If you are into the (Clare W.) Gravesian [...]