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Winning Elections May Not Exactly Be Brain Surgery, but Progressives Are Paying a Lot of Attention to These Days to a Brain-Framing Expert

Not for nothing is it called neuro-linguistic programming (“NLP” to the cognoscenti). And while he isn’t necessarily viewed as one of NLP’s gurus, one of the leading postmodern brain-oriented linguists came to Texas the other day to remind us just how practical some of the suppositions of the brain-as-spokesperson inquiry have become.
George Lakoff has [...]

Wanna Know Which World Capital Has the Most NLP Charlatans Per Square Mile? Let’s Check In with My “Alpha Geek” Contact on River Skerne.

One of my favorite, self-admitted “Alpha Geeks” lives and works in Darlington, a small city of about 100,000 that Wikipedia describes variously as 1) in the north-east of England, 2) on the river Skerne 3) known for its association with the birth of railroads 4) home of the Darlington F.C., currently playing in Football League [...]