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A Special Valentine’s Day Reprise on Sex and the Brain: We Just Never Seem to Get Enough of Talking and Doing!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. That means every blogger and her bird dog are thinking about sex. But then, who needs Valentine’s Day as an excuse to think about sex?
The brain—as every psychobabble and (as you are seeing) thinking-skills aficionado is sure to remind you eventually—is arguably our major sex organ. So it [...]

The Latest Business Buzz Word Is Trust, But Rather than Expanding the Supply, the TrustMe Movement Is Hugely Expanding the Number of People Who Have Reason to Wonder If You and I Are Trustworthy at All

Trust is a precious metal in my periodic table of people qualities, although I tend toward optimism that it can be justified. As readers of Dr. Paul Kordis’ and my book, Strategy of the Dolphin, know, it is a worldview thing with me. Evil, stupidity and blind belief show up much too often to treat [...]