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Dolphinthinkers (who are almost always accomplished LEAP!ers) can automatically see things that others may not be able to. This, in fact, explains much of the dolphin mind’s outsized competence. Also, it triggers this caution for new dolphinthinkers: don’t go blurting out all the things you are noticing to every co-worker, [...]

It’s Not Just the President’s Psychology that Should Give Us Pause, It’s the Whole Bias of Human Psychology toward Believing that We Are “The Decider”

“Bush Derangement Syndrome” (BDS) is the derisive way that Washington Post’s op-ed columnist Charles Krauthammer refers to psychologically oriented analyses of George W. Bush’s brand of presidential decision-making. (The Bush family itself styles such analysis as “psychobabble.”)
While it’s no secret that I generally find this President’s mental performance ranking somewhere between the ludicrous and the [...]

Unhappily, When This Talented Academician’s Dual Worlds of Art and Science Meet in His “Brain on Music” Book, the Bridge Often Seems to Be Out

I began reading neuro-musical polymath Daniel J. Levitin’s new book, This Is Your Brain on Music: The Science of a Human Obsession, with consideration anticipation. I mean, who can deny it . . . what an extraordinary phenomenon music is!
Some years ago, while living in a suburb of Denver, I remember being so affected by [...]