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If Everything is Progressing Like the Idea of Progress Suggests It Should Be, Why Does It Feel Like Things Are Going Well for Only A Few?

This past week, I chanced upon two mostly forgotten books, and probably would not have spent much time with either had not both mentioned—on the very first page—an event that itself has been mostly long forgotten: the Century of Progress Exposition that the city of Chicago staged in 1933-34 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of [...]

If You Think Jacob Marley’s Ghost Was on a Mission, Then Get the Ghost of Peter Drucker on Your Case

All weekend long, the ghost of Peter Drucker perched just behind my right shoulder, talking to me all the way. In the end, it got to be a little much. But I knew how to get rid of the apparition. “Now, look, Dr. Drucker…” I said. And the ghost was gone.
Drucker had a doctorate in [...]